1. Esther Leijen Art
    Abdijlaan 22a
    1935 BH Egmond
    The Netherlands

    +31 06 -­ 125 437 79


Esther was born in Alkmaar (North-western part of the Netherlands) in 1972 and spent her childhood in a coastal village called Egmond. When she was about 28 years old she moved to Amsterdam were she felt the need to express herself in a creative way. Because of other jobs and businesses it took a few years before she actually started painting. In 2006 she participated in a workshop ‘Intuitive Painting’ in Auxerre (France) accompanied by Engelien van der Weijden. It was during that workshop that she realized that art was her destiny. Next, she transformed part of het living room into a studio and started working from there.

In 2007 she travelled to Thailand to teach arts and crafts and English at an elementary school in southern Thailand. Two of Esther’s goals of this trip were to teach children to express themselves through paper and to teach them to trust their gut instincts. Of course Esther gained a lot of inspiration from this trip for her own painting.

In 2008 she visited the Miro and Gaudi museums in Barcelona, and participated in a workshop in the Pyrenees of Spain led by artists Jimmy Mendizabal and Eveline van Bogerijen.

In February 2009 she left for Ubud (Bali) to learn more about the Balinese painting techniques. Through Emile Snellen van Vollenhoven she got the meet with several Balinese artists and had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions.

Since the summer of 2009 she gives workshops ‘Intuitive Painting’ to elderly people in a nursing home in Amsterdam. “It is wonderful to see how they take to it and watch them enjoy it, as well as take great inspiration from it myself.”

In 2010 Esther was looking for some peace and quiet. Therefore she left Amsterdam every last weekend of the month to stay in a Bed & Breakfast somewhere in Holland. During these weekends she invited someone to join her for one day to paint together. She met interesting people and had interesting conversations which gave her lots of inspiration.

November 6th 2010 she went to Asia for 2,5 months for new inspiration. She will be visiting Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Bali. In Thailand she will do some projects for the Thai Child Development Foundation, next to a 10-day Vipassana meditation and in Bali she will meet with several artist again.